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Training Makes Our Industry Strong

The Maryland PHCC is proud to have built one of the strongest education programs in the industry. Click the quick links below to jump to the information on the training you are interested in.

Apprenticeship | Backflow Certification | Gas Fitters Course | Plumbing Code Course


Apprenticeship combines on-the-job training with related professional instruction. In a four-year period, candidates complete the required 7500 hours of supervised on-the-job work experience and learn the skills and knowledge that will help you to pass the State Journey test.

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Backflow Certification and Re-Certification

The Maryland State Board of Plumbing requires the successful completion of an approved 32 Hour Backflow Training Course as a pre-requisite for the Journey/Master Plumber examination. The focus of this course shall be to develop a working knowledge of the causes and principles of the backflow and backflow prevention. Recognizing proper backflow prevention assembly application and operation is stressed. A complete understanding and ability to perform accepted field test procedures for all backflow prevention assemblies are required for Certification.


The University of Florida (TREEO) Backflow Prevention Theory and Practice book is used in the course and is included in the cost of registration.


A passing grade on the final written examination and a satisfactory completion of the "hands on" performance will result in Certification. Certification is good for three (3) years. If you fail the course and are required to re-test you will be notified by the office.


Applicants are accepted on FIRST-COME FIRST-SERVE basis. Class size is limited to 15 persons.

Click here for the 32-hour Backflow Certification Application

Click here for the 8-hour Backflow Re-Certification Application

24-Hour Gas Fitters Course

The focus of this course is to provide the training required by the State and Baltimore County as a pre-requisite for the Journey and/or Master Natural Gas Fitter examination. This course covers the installation, operation and maintenance of gas piping, 2lb systems and gas equipment. Book used the 2012 National Fuel Gas Code.

NOTE: Applicants may take this course for Code review purposes only.

Regarding Work Experience Qualifications:

  • APPRENTICE PLUMBER/GAS FITTER, WORKING TOWARD A JOURNEY NATURAL GAS FITTER LICENSE: for this, you will need at least 3 years as a licensed apprentice and 3,750 hours of gas fitting training, under a Master Plumber/Gas Fitter.
  • APPRENTICE NATURAL GAS FITTER, WORKING TOWARD A JOURNEY NATURAL GAS FITTER LICENSE: for this, you will need at least 2 years as a licensed apprentice and 3,750 hours of gas fitting training, under a Master Plumber/Gas Fitter or Master Natural Gas Fitter.
  • Journey Plumber/Gas Fitter, working toward a Master Plumber/Gas Fitter license: for this you will need at least 2 years as a licensed journey and 3,750 hours of training, under a Master Plumber/Gas Fitter.

An individual enrolled in this program may not miss more than three (3) hours of classroom activities in order to receive credit for the course, he/she may not miss venting or the 2 lb gas portion of the class.


As a pre requisite for the State Natural Gas Fitters Examination certain applicants are required to successfully complete and pass an approved 24 hour Natural Gas Fitters Training Course, which includes both a written and hands on test. As a State of Maryland approved provider of Gas Fitters Training we offer this test at the completion of the course. NOTE: The test is not mandatory for all attendees.


Mail completed application and check made payable to: Maryland PHCC, address: Maryland PHCC, Suite 205, 10176 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City, MD 21042.

Click here for the 24 Hour Gas Fitters Course Application

Plumbing Code Course

The following materials will be covered in this course State of Maryland Plumbing Code:

2012 National Standard Plumbing Code

Click here for the Plumbing Code Course application.


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